Vascular Scientist

Ellie Blaxland
Ellie Blaxland - Vascular Scientist

Ellie Blaxland - Vascular Scientist

What does my job role as a healthcare scientist involve?   

I scan patients using ultrasound to look for problems within the arteries and veins of the body. This includes scanning necks, arms, abdomens and legs for a variety of clinical reasons. I work in a team of seven medical physicists, all of whom have slightly different additional roles. We also perform research and audits to ensure our practice is up to date and is best for patients. We also work closely with vascular surgeons, radiologists and haematology specialist nurses to care for patients in a multidisciplinary manner.   

What do you enjoy about your job?   

I love combining my scientific knowledge with clinical work. Being able to work directly with patients is really rewarding and diagnosing a problem can be very satisfying for both the patients and us! It can be hard, but there is always something new to learn and see, and it keeps the job really interesting.   

What are your career ambitions?   

I would like to complete my PhD and get more involved in research within our department. I also enjoy teaching, so perhaps in the future will get more involved in lecturing university students.  

How did you get into your role?   

I have an undergraduate degree in Applied Biomedical Science and looked at jobs where I could use my degree, but I also got to work with patients, and found Vascular Science. I managed to get a trainee post where I trained ‘on the job’ and did my Masters degree part time, in ‘Medical Ultrasound specialising in Vascular’.   

What kind of person does your job suit?   

Someone who is scientifically minded but enjoys face to face interaction with people of all ages from all backgrounds. Someone who wants to get involved with the medical side of the NHS but does not want to be a doctor or a nurse. Someone who likes a challenge but who wants to leave work every day and feel proud of what they do.