From Human Nutrition And Dietetics At Cardiff Met To Working As A Registered Dietitian

Nokhuthula Nyoni

Another day at work done, what should I do now? It feels so strange to get home and not have to work on an assignment or revise for an exam. Those three years flew by…

Nokhuthula Nyoni

Nokhuthula Nyoni

A little bit about me 

Hi, my name is Nokhuthula and I graduated in 2020 with a First-class Honours degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Human Nutrition and Dietetics is a three-year course which can lead to a job in the NHS working as a Registered Dietitian.  

A Dietitians role is varied, from sport to private practice, to working in a hospital. The variation it brought throughout the course has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but it most certainly has been the most rewarding. My time spent on the Human Nutrition and Dietetics programme at Cardiff Met though challenging, was an enjoyable one.  

My university placements 

For me, the best part of the programme was the three clinical placements, my first and second placements were in Betsi Cadwallader University Health board, whilst my final placement was with Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.  

The placements allowed me to combine all the theory I had learnt and put it into practice; from the Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology module which aided in my understanding of metabolic pathways, to the Human Anatomy and Physiology module which helped me develop knowledge of the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract and how it works. This knowledge is particularly useful in patients who have had an Ileostomy, colostomy or jejunostomy as it helps determine the likelihood of micronutrient deficiencies. This knowledge tied in nicely with all the other modules studied on the course such as Specialist Dietetics and Principles of Dietetics. Placement thoroughly prepared me for the world of employment. 

My role as a Registered Dietitian 

Whilst I was on Placement three in March 2020, I managed to secure my first job as a Band five Dietitian – four months before graduation – at Withybush Hospital, which is part of Hywel Dda University Health Board in beautiful Pembrokeshire.  

In writing this blog, I’ve just finished my third week as dietitian and I love it; I have five different wards and no two days are the same. I start work at 8:30am but I tend to get there around 8:15am to get settled in and make a cup of tea. I then look through patient record cards and the blood biochemistry of inpatients to be seen that day, which includes both reviews and new referrals. After thoroughly looking through patients and making notes, I head onto the wards. A new patient assessment can take up to 45 mins and a review can take 20-30 minutes. 

I’m incredibly passionate about this profession, it’s one I love, I wake up every morning looking forward to making a difference.