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Registered Children’s Nurse Childrens Nursing Lecturer

  Autumn - Registered Children’s Nurse Childrens Nursing Lecturer

I am so proud to be a Children’s Nurse



Hi, my name’s Autumn and I started my student nurse training in 2011, qualifying to become a Children’s Nurse in 2014. ​

When I trained to become a Children’s Nurse I was often told how versatile a career in Children’s Nursing is, and how many doors can open on qualifying. ​

​Nearly ten years down the line, I can confirm that the advice I was given is correct. ​

​I have worked in a regional Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, providing intensive care to Newborn infants up to children aged 16 years, across various specialities,  including cardiac, respiratory, neurology, surgery, trauma and orthopaedics. ​

In the next stage of my career, I specialised as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, providing specialist care to babies born too early, and too sick, inclusive of extremely preterm babies from 23 weeks gestation and term infants requiring surgical care at birth. In both roles it was a privilege to care for the children and families, providing care and support at the most difficult times. ​

The most recent part of my career has spanned nurse education, where I now educate future Children’s Nurses. It’s a privilege to welcome future children’s nurses into Higher education, providing them with the skill set and knowledge to care for Children and young people of the future. ​

If you are questioning whether a career in Children’s Nursing is for you, I advise you to go for it. It is demanding both emotionally and physically, but just as rewarding in equal measure.  ​

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