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Child Nursing Student - University Of South Wales

  Ellie - Child Nursing Student

Hi I’m Ellie!



What made you want to be a children's nurse?

I have always respected nursing as a profession, and seeing my mother who is a nurse and her impact on her patients inspired me to pursue the career.

Why did you choose to nurse children?

I chose to nurse children because my best friend has multiple chronic illnesses, many times I would go to see her in the hospital and see how they looked after her and her family, which made me realize this is n something I want to do in the future.

What do you love most about being a children's nurse?

What I love most about nursing children is how much of an impact I can have on that child and their family while they may be going through the worst time. Hospitals can be a scary place for anyone, especially a child. So making that experience a little less scary for them can make a big difference.

What advice would you give those wanting to study children's nursing?

Preparation is key!

Be organised, prepare for a lot of work at university and out on location, but remember to enjoy! The lecturers are so supportive, and you will make lifelong friends along the way.

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