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Paediatric Professional and Practice Development Nurse

  Sian - Paediatric Professional and Practice Development Nurse

Hello, my name is Sian, and I am a Paediatric Professional and Practice Development Nurse.



What does your role involve?

In my role, I lead a team of practice and clinical educators for paediatric nurses of all grades and qualifications. I am responsible for the education, training, and practice development of the staff in my care while promoting an effective learning environment within the workplace.

My role involves organising, planning, and teaching mandatory and paediatric-specific education, knowledge, and clinical skills. It also covers supporting staff to improve practice in the day-to-day challenges of working as a nurse.

Where do you work?

I work for Hywel Dda UHB (University Health Board). This health board-wide role covers paediatric teams in acute and outpatient settings. it includes liaison with other PPPDNs in other health boards across Wales,

What skills do I need to be a good Paediatric Professional and Practice Development Nurse?

  • Respect, sensitivity, and empathy are also important characteristics of a child nurse. Being highly organised, flexible, and able to prioritise effectively will be vital.
  • good active listening skills
  • the ability to multitask
  • manage crisis situations

How did you become a Paediatric Professional and Practice Development Nurse?

I was previously a senior sister running the paediatric ambulatory care units but prior to that, I worked as a staff nurse and junior sister in many different health boards across the UK. I started my career as a student nurse doing general nurse training and worked in Accident and Emergency settings, acute medical and surgical adult wards. I have also worked in paediatric intensive care, general wards, paediatric A&E and paediatric acute assessment units. I also worked as a medical Purser on the tall ships belonging to the Jubilee Sailing Trust. I have studied at the diploma and undergraduate levels, and I am now studying at the master's level as you are always learning new things.

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