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Childrens Student Nurse

  Sarah - Childrens Student Nurse

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a Children’s student nurse at the University of South Wales.



I wanted to become a Children’s Nurse after working for the 111 services as a call handler for several years, I received calls from all members of the population but always enjoyed helping parents who were worried about their children regardless of whether they were a few days old or teenagers.​

​Being able to provide support and comfort in what is a terrifying time for parents is so rewarding. Even the most confident and competent parent needs extra support and reassurance when it is their own child that is unwell. ​

The thing I love most about Children’s Nursing is often seeing an unwell child arrive on the ward, not wanting to interact or communicate. They receive the treatment and rest they need and transform into a playful, happy child that bounces back remarkably quickly. The relief on the parents' faces is priceless, and they often leave happy but exhausted with a child who is ready to play and not sleep! ​

​My advice to anyone looking to study children’s nursing is to be organised and plan ahead. Approach each placement with a positive attitude, ready and willing to learn, even if you do not like the sound of your next placement or it's not what you wanted, it will likely be the placement you gain the most from.​

This degree is hard, but it will build you to become a resilient and well-rounded registrant, but you need to be willing to put in the hard work as an adult learner. ​

On the Children’s ward, you start with handover and learn all about the patients on the ward, you then help do all the safety checks around the ward. You meet the patients that you are caring for that day and support and care for them throughout the day, providing treatment or medication as per their care plan. You follow the ward round where the doctors will check and adapt the plan of care. 

All in all, Children’s Nursing is busy and challenging, but an enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling career.

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