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Welcome to Careersville

Considering your career options is often a daunting process; with so many roles available and places to find information it can feel overwhelming. But with over 350 roles available at various levels, health and care have a lot to offer at all stages of your career journey.

‘Careersville Apprenticeship Spotlight’

Have you ever considered stepping into a career through an apprenticeship? Launching on the 28 of February, Health Education and Improvement Wales together with We Care Wales will be bringing information and tools to help you better understand exactly what an apprenticeship is all about.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to earn whilst you learn. There is a wide range of opportunities available whether you are exploring a new career or are a current NHS employee.

With over 30 new resources being added, be sure to come back and check out our Skills Library and Cinema area where you can find the best information to give you a head start in achieving your career healthcare.

To help our audiences fully understand the opportunities available and make informed choices, we developed Careersville: a virtual village. Careersville houses different elements of health and care opportunities and the associated careers available.

There's a load of resources available for students and teachers to learn more about the wide range of different careers in the health and care sector, here in Wales. There’s also live sessions with experienced professionals to watch.

Step in and see which career path you’d like to explore!

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